Our future

I’m in this to change the fabric of society in my lifetime, for society to be fair and just to women* because things are changing, but not fast enough.

At this rate, our grandchildren’s children won’t see the end of sexual misconduct.

My mission is to see a world where sexual misconduct is a thing of the past.

I’m asking: What’s at the crux of sexual misconduct? How do we get sexual misconduct on the national agenda and create the tipping point?

As a survivor, I am talking with attorneys in the field plus other survivors, to investigate and determine a strategy to drive change.

Do you want your opinion to be part of this pursuit?


Please reach out! Your opinion matters.

What's your opinion?

What do you think is needed?

  • A consortium to share resources, ideas, skills, contacts — to be a national cohesive force to be reckoned with?

  • More collaboration and community -on a national scale- instead of isolated efforts, no matter how valiant.

  • Does the crux of the problem revolve around
    1. Teaching consent and passing laws like SF and NY have done?

    2. Ensuring that all rape kits are tested?

    3. Changing the beliefs that rape is falsely reported?

    4. Requiring anyone in the field to have yearly anti-bias training?

    5. Something else?

Without a doubt, the world will function better when sexual misconduct is eradicated. Sexual misconduct prevents women* from fully participating in society and doing what they came to earth to accomplish.

We need the voice of all people if we are to solve society’s numerous problems and we are missing the voice of 51% of the population.

*Women are not the only ones who experience sexual misconduct. This noun is used throughout my written word but it definitely includes anyone who has experienced sexual misconduct in any form.


What is ILMM anyhow?

If you are a progressive, activist or visionary, you don’t live your life by TGIF. Instead you live your life by ILMM, I LoveMonday Mornings. ILMM is much more than career satisfaction.

ILMM means you have uncovered and are doing your life’s work.

You’ll know you’ve arrived at ILMM when you wake up and Joyfully get out of bed. 

It’s when you feel Alive, Purposeful and Determined, without self-judgement. You feel pretty fearless, or scared about really doing your life’s work, but you do ‘it’ anyway. You feel Energized & Engaged with Life!!! You have Endless Energy. And, you aren’t burning the candle at both ends until retirement.

You get that being more of who you are, this will make your life easier and this will increase your impact in the world, making the world a more just and fair place for all people. 

And isn’t that the point of life. To suck the marrow out of life? To do what you came here on earth to do? As Wayne Dyer said, Don’t die with your music still inside you.”