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I partner with people so they too can Love Monday Mornings. Here are a few reasons why so many struggle and dread Monday Mornings:
Have you started your own business (or you want to) but you aren't generating enough sales?
---I will show you how to love networking, where to find new clients and how to turn them into repeat business.

Do eyes roll when you answer the perennial networking question, “So, what do you do?”
---I will share strategies on how you can to talk with ‘strangers' so they become engaged and then they will ask: “Tell me more about what you do?

Do you want to know why visitors land on your website, YouTube channel, Facebook page, etc., and promptly leave?
---In my first business, I owned a graphic design company for 15 years; I understand online marketing and will help you use marketing strategies that suit your personality.

Are your team meetings effective or a waist of time? Do you delegate effectively? Do you have a method of effectively prioritizing your day and doing what you do best?
---I have a great strategies for leading effective, short meetings, where people finish with a clear list of to-do's until the next meeting. I can teach you how to do first-things-first so you are highly productive.

Are you at your wits end? Is your partner or spouse tired of listening to your career or business frustrations?
---I am a highly confidential, non-judgmental, strategic sounding board. I love listening and brainstorming how to solve these frustrating concerns. See my testimonials!

If you struggle with any of this, see below where I offer a complimentary business strategy consult over the phone.
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People try a complimentary business strategy consult because they want the ticket to: Love Monday Mornings

1. They want accountability on the things that are dear to them.

2. They want to feel productive!

3. They want a highly confidential, non-judgmental strategic sounding board.

4. They want practical steps to start and grow a business (tried and true sales, marketing and management techniques from someone who has been in business since she was 27! That's 30 years).

5. They need critical skills that they never learned in school: how to effectively market what you do in front of your target audience, how to sell and how to answer objections, and finally, how to manage a team so that your team approaches you with brilliant creative business ideas, so that you can grow your business and Love Monday Mornings.

They want to know how to make easier decisions, and isn’t that what we do all day long? Once you know your goals, values and roadblocks (which we get clarity on during the very first call), I can teach you a great method for making decisions that honor your values. That's the ticket...  When you honor your values, you will be well on your way to Love Monday Mornings. (When we don’t honor our own values, we become stressed, overwhelmed, unhappy, frustrated and exhausted.)
I've worked with hundreds of clients, here are some testimonials
Becky is a caring and astute coach, whose wisdom and counsel have jettisoned me toward my desired goals.
I leave each session with a renewed sense of committment and a profound feeling of accomplishment. Personal change is never easy, but my work with Becky has resulted in what feels like effortless advances due to her sponsorship, creative recommendations and unequivocal championing of my goals. A number of my collegues and staff have noticed a difference in several of the areas we're working on. Feedback has been unsolicited, with no awareness of the fact that I'm working with a coach. My progress encourages moments of reflective thinking where I ask myself, "How did I ever manage without a coach?" She's a friend, confident and always in my court. Who would have thought change could be so rewarding... She's a delight!

Maria Kyriakos
SVP of Human Resources, AETNA
Hartford, Ct
Working with Becky is a lot of fun and really insightful.
As a coach myself, I am a bit critical of those who coach me. Becky has been refreshing and helpful. Each of our calls is non-judgmental, helpful and I am always left feeling energized and relaxed. Becky has helped me to both recognize and embrace the changes and steps needed for me to reach my big goals. Of all the coaches I have worked with over the years, Becky seems to really respect my unique person the most. It is truly a pleasure and very helpful to work with her.

Corinne S. Barrineau
Productivity Coach/Realtor
Keller Williams Realty
Northampton, Ma
The concepts and strategies I learned through my coaching sessions with Becky Castro ...
have remained a vital part of my action plan. Her words and motivations still ring in my head as I lay the groundwork to take my business to the next level. Becky’s ability to break things down into manageable tasks and checklists keeps goals, long-term and immediate, from becoming overwhelming. Also, Becky’s friendly, engaging and respectful style makes for an effortless coaching process—she makes pursuing goals fun and exciting. I look forward to scheduling coaching sessions with Becky again soon.

-Eric Sean Weld
copywriter and marketing consultant
Amherst, MA
I feel very fortunate and grateful for being part of the CHI and BBI world and especially you, Becky... 
The experience, resources and education have been tremendous, and I learn something new every time I access the material.  I especially want you to know how much Dedee and I value the time we have spent with you, and the growth our business has experienced from it.  We intimately trust you with our business and look forward to sharing our growth and success with you.

Shane Boring, President
SDB Creative Group
Midland, TX
I hired my coach to increase sales and shorten our sales cycle...
Early on, Becky Castro asked me a question that completely shook me up.
In our CRM module as part of the ERP software we commercialize for service providers, we kept track of all notes and actions related to outgoing quotations. When Becky asked us information about lead conversion, we realized that we had no information at hand about leads for which no quotations were yet made. Also it was difficult to predict when and how many sales would be closed within specific time periods without going through all notes and actions related to quotations. Especially for a Sales Manager, this is not a very efficient way to follow up his sales team.

Becky’s “simple” question challenged us to rethink our CRM module completely.
As a result of this question, combined with all her tips about setting up multiple sales channels, the goals of each step in the sales process, … we managed to integrate the full sales process, starting from leads till closure or lost, so that all pertinent sales information could be obtained in seconds flat (3 clicks) as well as being more strategic about the objectives in each step of the sales cycle.

As Tony Robbins says, you can't get new results with old questions---and that is what you want your coach to do otherwise your business will stay the same.

Rudi Mincke
Owner, Managing Director - sr Business Analyst,
TEAM Solutions
I came to Becky with a dream; with her guidance we were able to establish a business structure and marketing strategies in just a few months.
It would have taken 6-8 months to gather all the information, assessment, and direction without her. I’ve never felt more organized, focused or productive in a new venture.

Becky pushes me to expand my marketing thoughts and business possibilities.  She is intuitive, resourceful and has a keen sense for business development.  The breadth and depth of her experience is evident in every meeting.  As our business grows I can see where her experience will be even more valuable.  As always, I look forward to my next coaching session with Becky.

Mary Van Dorn
Teen Safety Online
San Diego, CA
Barry struggled during her first year as a Bacon & Wilson associate in the trusts and estates department.
“I was still learning the business of law, which you don’t necessarily learn in law school,” she says. In her second year, she hired a business coach---a practice-changing decision.

“One of the things I learned was to look at what I do that I value the most, and what I need in my day to make me as efficient and happy as possible,” Barry says. Working with her coach, Barry was able to restructure her work week, building in time for marketing, returning client phone calls, and handling expected emergencies. She developed tricks to force herself to focus on the most important tasks and do those first.

The impact on her practice was astronomical. “In one year, I increased the amount of money I brought into the firm by 31 times. It was absolutely outrageous,” Barry says.

Gina Barry, Partner
Bacon /Wilson Attorneys at Law
Springfield, Ma
I would like to say that prior to my coaching sessions with Becky, I had no idea what a session would entail. 
I thought it would be more of a concrete job search.  It has turned out to be quite the opposite.  It is an indepth look into myself and how I tick.  The introspective aspect is affirming, and has opened up a new dimension in my life.  I find the coaching really up-lifting.

Amherst, Ma
If there's a magic formula for getting unstuck, getting clear, moving forward, and succeeding wildly, Becky Castro has it.
I started working with her in the hopes of jumpstarting both my career and some personal projects. I saw movement almost immediately--and in the nine months since I've begun coaching with her, I've attained or exceeded almost all of the goals I could  have imagined when I began. The interesting thing is that I don't quite exactly know how it happened. Becky isn't a drill instructor, and most of what we did didn't feel like work. Somehow, though, I found myself attaining all of the goals and tasks I identified with her--in some cases, things I'd meant to do for years. I was also shocked at the opportunities that seemed to appear for me as a result.

Finally, and most important to me, the success we aimed at was in line with my basic values, so everything I achieved was very meaningful to me. No empty victories here!

Kirsten Marcum
Division Manager, Compliance Company
Denver, CO
I opened up my last practice three years ago after working for a large law firm for years.  I consulted with Becky during the decision making process of leaving the firm. 
Becky was extremely thoughtful in her questions to me that led me to the conclusion that it was time to venture off on my own. Three years later, my practice is flourishing. I again consulted with Becky because I felt “Panicked” in the present economy that my practice would dry up despite that fact that business was still good for me. Becky again posed provocative questions, questions that caused me to make choices based on my own values, not outside expectations. I realized that I was already doing a fine job building my business and we focused on continuing its growth without getting “too big.”  I learned from within myself when “Enough was enough” and that balancing my family life with a thriving law practice was my highest priority and indeed possible.

Anonymous Attorney
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Enter below to ask me a question, or to get the complimentary business strategy consult over the phone.

In this no-cost Business Strategy phone consult we will:

1. Go over the types of situations and results I have solved for others (see the testimonials above).

2. Clarify your vision for what you really want in your business and life.

3. Determine what is the BIGGEST thing holding you back from getting your business to where you really want it to be (HINT: It’s probably not what you think).

4. Identify key steps to stop the struggle and take control again so you can have the business and lifestyle you want and begin to Love Monday Mornings.

If you’d like to have a consult, please leave your name and email below and I’ll be in touch.
Or, ask me any question you are curious about!


A little more about me...
• From small companies under 100K to large ones over 12M, I have partnered with hedge fund owners, lawyers, therapists, construction companies, spas, bistros, hotels, realtors, financial advisors, artists, healers of all kinds, and many corporate leaders who are now out on their own...
• In this call, I can share my experience; I have been an entrepreneur for 30 years, since I was 27. Personally, I have been a single mom for over 12 years, raising teens into 20-somethings; I also spent over 2 years in South East Asia when I was 22, an incredible life changing experience.
• In this call, I can also share my training; I am a PCC and a CPCC, and a certified business coach trained by Tony Robbins and other experts. I am constantly taking trainings and am a life-long learner so I can best serve my clients.
• Ask me any question (in the box right above this paragraph); what are you curious about?

I refuse to sell, trade or share any of your information; I am a stickler on confidentiality.
'WBOA' Award
The Women Business Owners Alliance (WBOA) named me Business Woman of the Year, in 2010.

'WMWM' Award
The Western Mass Women Magazine (WMWM) chose me as one of 25 Women to Watch, in 2012.
Coaches Training Institute
While in training, a master certified coach refered to me as a 'Yoda.'