I’m passionate about helping people to wake up every day excited and loving Monday mornings whether that means rocking your productivity & profitability or getting sexual misconduct on the national agenda; I’m here to help you do that!

I support lawyers* to be highly efficient, strategic and successful so that Sexual Misconduct ends in our lifetime.

*DA’s, Legislators, Title VII and IX Investigators, Advocates, and Employment Lawyers (representing the Plaintiff)

your impact

I partner with

I partner with anyone who’s mission is to end
Sexual Misconduct in our lifetime.

Are you a progressive, activist, & visionary?
I’ve heard my client’s triumphs and defeats as they’ve been working forever to create transformation in society. They say…

“I’m fighting to make the changes we need in our world but it’s frustrating because at this point, making change is so slow.”

I ask them match your vision?

Is This You?

You’re extraordinary, with a brilliant vision, and a plan to take us there. Or you know what’s not working.

You’re a super hard worker, maybe a little burnt out after giving little energy to your personal life because you’re so dedicated to making the changes we need in this world.

Still something is missing.

You’re aware that your impact is not 100% in alignment with your vision. But who do you call for this?

If this is you, I might be your partner. With extreme confidentiality, I start with helping people’s offices run without them. Next, I can partner with you so that your impact matches your vision.

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