Partnering with Influencers to Eradicate Sexual Misconduct.

Afterall, it is 2021.

I Partner With DA's ADA's Legislators Title VII and IX Investigators Advocates Employment Lawyers  Law Students Survivors Individuals and Companies YOU!

I partner with those on a mission to end
Sexual Misconduct in our lifetime.

I believe it’s high time to harness all energy and initiatives — into one unstoppable and mighty force — to end this inexcusable behavior.

“At the rate things are going, even in the year 2021, our grandchildren’s children still
won’t see an end to sexual misconduct.”

Becky Castro, CPCC, PCC

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What’s the Holdup to Eradicating Sexual Misconduct?



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  1. Get in front of Biden and Harris and add Eradicating Sexual Misconduct to Biden’s 4 point National Agenda along with climate change, racial injustice, the economy, and the pandemic.
  2. The Evan Wolfson Approach: Become an unstoppable force and movement to be reckoned with by determining what the crux of the matter is that all other precedents can then be leveraged upon. Collaborate with the smartest, most strategic lawyers and legislators whose focus is eradicating sexual misconduct.
  3. Pass legislation that trains citizens to use affirmative consent conversations like any other household skill; this would be mandated and taught yearly at all public elementary, secondary, high school, and college-level places of education that receive federal funds for Title IX.
  4. Pass legislation that mandates twice-yearly, live & interactive, anti-bias training for everyone who touches these cases: police, DA’s, judges, etc.

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