Enhancing the impact of socially conscious attorneys' goals to eradicate sexual misconduct.

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I partner with those on a mission to end
Sexual Misconduct in our lifetime.

I believe it’s high time to harness all energy and all the initiatives — and combine them into one unstoppable and mighty force — to end sexual misconduct.

“Because at the rate things are going, our grandchildren’s children still won’t see an end to sexual misconduct.”

Becky Castro, CPCC, PCC

Gain 3+ Hours of Uninterrupted Time so you can spend enough time doing what’s meaningful to you.

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— Do you feel like no matter how many years you have been practicing, you’re still bombarded by distractions that prevent you from getting home for dinner, going on vacations without your laptop, staying on top of countless emails, texts, and cell/landline messages?

— Would you like your office/firm to run like a symphony, and for you to spend time doing what is meaningful to you before you retire?

— How successful or defeated do you feel these days as you work for a fair and just world? If you died tomorrow, did you have the impact you expect of yourself?

— Would you take 3 minutes and give your comments on the 5 Point Manifesto to Eradicate Sexual Misconduct.

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