Partnering with Influencers to Eradicate Gender-based Violence.

Afterall, it is 2024.

My mom, Flora Parisky and me at the 3rd Biennial NE Women’s Policy Conference, Boston. She is 81 in that photo and her trailblazing energy is with me all the time!

I'm on a mission to make some drastic changes in society.

Because at the rate we are going... our grandchildren's children, still won't see the end of sexual misconduct.

We're the Ones We've Been Waiting For...
--my personal story--

As a business strategist for the past 20 years and an entrepreneur since I was 27 years old; I’ve primarily helped progressive lawyers live highly productive, profitable, and happy (!) lives at


In 1991, it was bad enough that a man who by all accounts sexually harassed another human being was barely investigated and then nominated and confirmed to our Supreme Court. Then in 2021, it happened again while my insides stirred and rumbled; an accused rapist, again with a juvenile investigation, was nominated and confirmed. 

First witnessing Anita Hill and then Christine Blasey Ford demonstrate their unbelievable courage while being publicly grilled and retraumatized on national TV by a room full of US Senators, who were untrained to address trauma nor who conducted a proper investigation (there was no typical courtroom process); I knew I had to share my story too.

I’m a survivor. I spoke up 44 years after it happened. Publicly on Facebook. Enough of this shame and silence.


I’m obsessed about Influencers and Policymakers being exceptionally commanding & persuasive & effective & unstoppable in ending GBV; in other words: Badass. Game Changers. Legacy Leavers…

I partner with Influencers and Policymakers* to significantly leverage and elevate your awesome power so gender-based violence can be eradicated. I’m here to harness that energy across state lines, help share resources, create alliances with other visionaries, and most importantly, to be strategic — and in action — in how to get this done.

(*DA’s, ADA’s, AG’s, Legislators, Title VII and IX Investigators, Advocates, Survivors, Researchers, Intellectuals, Law Students, Law Professors, Employment lawyers (representing the plaintiff), Trauma experts, and others who are on the same mission)


I’m launching a podcast on why these inexcusable behaviors and laws still exist: What’s the Holdup --- and the Action Plan --- to Ending Gender-based Violence? It's high time to get to the crux of the matter and make some big changes.

"Just Watch Me"

In 4th grade, I refused to say the pledge of allegiance. I felt disingenuous standing with my hand on my heart.

How could I claim “with liberty and justice for all” when I knew that our country was not fulfilling that promise for all people?

As far back as I can remember, my goal has been to “change the fabric of society, so that it’s fair.”

Also at age 10, a babysitter told me that I would grow up and forget my desire to change the fabric of society. Annoyed, I retorted with, “Just watch me.”

How I Serve Clients:


Clients who work with me feel satisfied in their life’s mission of eradicating gender-based violence. They also feel joyful having managed to find regular time outside of the office! 

They achieve their life’s mission because:

— They’ve Energized, Elevated, and Empowered their Leadership Impact to Up Their Game and Be Badass Legacy Leavers.

— They’ve become Unstoppable. They’ve leveraged essential leadership ingredients to create change, one of which is to plug into allies and community. 

— They speak up and they speak out, no matter what. They are on a mission with a strategic plan, with plenty of resources, that are powerful across state lines.


Clients feel highly productive, effective, and happy; here are some testimonials.

Clients say I’m passionate, approachable, an excellent listener, sharp & strategic. These leaders know I can be trusted as an outside, non-judgemental, confidant.


–I am a mix of certified Co-Active Business Coach (CPCC) by the Coaches Training Institute and I’m a Professionally Certified Coach (PCC) from the International Coach Federation. This means I’ve upgraded 100s of professionals as a business and professional development mentor, certified coach, advisor, consultant, and trainer with 37 years of entrepreneurial experience who has built 3 businesses.

–Plus as a survivor, I’ve been trained to address trauma with Polyvegal Theory, Heartmath, Positive Intelligence (PQ), Non-Violent Communication (NVC), Reiki, and a host of other Eastern and Western modalities.


Note: I have a unique ability to see holes/gaps in ‘systems’, in about 2 seconds, allowing me to drastically, and yet, easily improve business/ organizational teams, missions, and operations; this service is exclusively for companies/organizations that are working to end GBV (gender-based violence) or those who employ the triple bottom line.


I know the world will function better for all people when sexual misconduct [meaning gender-based violence] is eradicated because sexual misconduct prevents women (and others) from fully participating in society and doing what they came to earth to accomplish. We need the voice of all people if we are to solve society’s problems and we are missing the full voice of up to 51% of the population.


I’ve run my own business since I turned 27 years old in 1987. Currently, I’m pivoting my business from upgrading ‘any’ progressive lawyer to focusing on a certain type of lawyer or other like-minded person* so that I/we may have the greatest impact on making the world a better place for all people worldwide.

(*DA’s, ADA’s, AG’s, Legislators, Title VII and IX Investigators, Advocates, Survivors, Researchers, Intellectuals, Law Students, Law Professors, Employment lawyers (representing the plaintiff), Trauma experts, and others who are on the same mission)


See my testimonials for more information. You can also use email at to get on my schedule. Or before I get too busy, phone/text, 760-419-8188 if you want to chat and are curious to see if what you’re looking for is what I offer.

I support lawyers* to be highly efficient, strategic and successful so that Sexual Misconduct ends in our lifetime.

*DA’s, Legislators, Title VII and IX Investigators, Advocates, and Employment Lawyers (representing the Plaintiff)

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