Partnering with lawyers and legislators to create the tipping point:

Isn't it high time we eradicate sexual misconduct?

I am on a mission to make some drastic changes in society.

Because at the rate we are going... our grandchildren's children, still won't see the end of sexual misconduct.

We're the Ones We've Been Waiting For...

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 34 years, since I was 27. For the past 20 years, I have helped lawyers and firms live highly productive & profitable lives at 

When #MeToo emerged, I uncovered my personal story which led to my life’s mission of eradicating sexual misconduct. As a survivor, strategist and visionary, I put a courageous stake in the ground for how society can be and I have been pivoting my business to specifically working with those lawyers and legislators in the field of eradicating sexual misconduct.

Currently, I am fine-tuning how to meld my passion, personal and professional experiences, and my skills into this movement to find the tipping point of eradicating sexual misconduct.

To that end, I am starting a podcast and writing a report on: What’s the Holdup to Eradicating Sexual Misconduct? My question is, Why does this inexcusable behavior still exist in the year 2021 and what’s the strategy to bring this movement to the tipping point? 

So far, I am offering these services. Would you like to…

  1. Upgrade your practice management and business development know-how — the stuff that wasn’t offered in law school — so that your office is highly productive, profitable, and runs without you. This way you can accomplish your mission in life, AND you can have a life before you retire. 
  2. Include your expertise in the What’s the Hold Up to Eradicating Sexual Misconduct report or be on the Podcast I am in the process of launching? Or, would you like to be part of a collaborative coalition of badass lawyers to be reckoned with who will create the tipping point to put sexual misconduct on the National Agenda?


I’m a survivor.

I spoke up 44 years after it happened.

I didn’t confess my own story until Christine Blasey Ford had the courage to share her story (when the second accused rapist was nominated to our Supreme Court).

I dared myself to speak up while feeling full of shame and embarrassment. I wondered if speaking my story out loud actually mattered. (Does my attacker feel any shame, embarrassment or remorse? If he doesn’t, why do I?) 

Once I spoke up, all sorts of things happened and the ‘dots’ that Steve Jobs talked about in his famous Stanford Commencement speech, ‘lined up.’

"Just Watch Me"

In 4th grade, I refused to say the pledge of allegiance. I felt disingenuous standing with my hand on my heart.

How could I claim “with liberty and justice for all” when I knew that our country was not fulfilling that promise for all people?

As far back as I can remember, my goal was to “change the fabric of society, so that it’s fair.”

At age 10, a babysitter told me that I would grow up and forget my desire to change the fabric of society. Annoyed, I retorted with, “Just watch me.”


I support lawyers* to be highly efficient, strategic and successful so that Sexual Misconduct ends in our lifetime.

*DA’s, Legislators, Title VII and IX Investigators, Advocates, and Employment Lawyers (representing the Plaintiff)

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A Few Things about Becky:

My clients are highly productive, effective, and happy. They are achieving their goals and visions in life; here are some of their testimonials.

I am a mix of certified Co-Active Business Coach, mentor, and consultant with 34 years of entrepreneurial experience; plus I’m a survivor.

My clients accomplish boatloads of personal and professional development but I also bring a bit of humor to the table when I can, because life’s too short to be my-serious-self all the time. Maybe this applies to you too?

Clients say they love working with me. They say I’m an excellent listener plus I’m wise & strategic. I am also highly confidential. Clients share things they don’t share with their mentors as they know I am trained to be an outside non-judgemental confidant.  

If you’re interested in seeing if what I can do for you matches what you’re looking for, call/ text or email me; my contact information is at the bottom of each webpage. Let’s see if we are a good match. Or check out my testimonials. And FYI, I’ve had a coach for as long as I’ve been a coach; I walk my talk.

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