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KPIs + Strategy = Success

If you don't know where you are going, you're likely to end up somewhere else. Every business needs a regular audit and measurable KPIs to keep it on track. Walk away with a plan and a life; A plan based on your core values. And remember: what gets measured gets done.

  1. Every successful business has a plan, most plans only address the business and forget to address your life, I address both.
  2. We begin by asking the most important question you can ask yourself: What do you want? And what’s your WHY? We also look at what’s not working.
  3. IMPORTANT: If you don’t audit your business and your life, on a regular basis, your business and your life will be the same next month and next year. You can prove this by asking: What are the specific ways that your business and life are different from a year ago? 
  4. Most people are either too busy to conduct an audit or think that they’re stuck with life the way it is. I don’t agree and ask this question: What do you want that you think you can’t have?
  5. Included in the audit is a Core Values Assessment; I am trained to give you this assessment. NOTE: your core values can not be derived from a list in a book or website.
  6. We also audit stress levels and how you manage what’s missing from your life. Please ask yourself: How long are you going to tolerate what’s not working?
  7. We’ll analyze and plan how to close any gaps in how your practice/firm is structured so that it’s productive & profitable with proper staffing, an office that runs without you so you can do your lawyerly work and not get bogged down in things others should be doing to support you.
  8. It’s critical that your impact as a lawyer or as a socially conscious person matches your vision. We will design personalized KPIs (key performance indicators) and create a strategic plan. Memorize these words: What gets Measured, gets Done. Period. So it’s critical to know what you want to measure, or that thing is not going to get done consistently! And in business, if certain things don’t get done, your business will be one of the 7 out of 10 that fail within 10 years. (I’ve been in business for 33 years.) It’s time to be highly productive, not highly busy.
  9. The values assessment is the best tool you can use to find clarity when making tough decisions. These decisions will be long lasting because they’re based on your own values. You’ll start living a life based on your expectations, not societies and other people’s.
  10. If there is any backlog in your practice or firm, I’ll show you how to feel inspired to tackle whatever you’ve been putting off and clear that stuck energy.
  11. I’m not a paralegal but I’ve done my homework; brainstorming together will give you out of the box perspectives and new ways to address challenges. I am pretty well versed in many of the laws and high profile cases regarding sexual assault and sexual harassment, and running strategic businesses is a no-brainer for me.
  12. I am trained as a certified business coach with 33 years of experience; I freely share my experiences so you can avoid the same mistakes I’ve made as we strategically plan to exceed your goals, at your own pacing.


    This Business & Life Audit, KPI Plan and Core Values Assessment is a 1-1 service offered over the phone (or Zoom if requested).

    This customized service usually takes between 3-5 meetings. There is a second option where we’ll continue to meet throughout the year on a monthly or 1/4ly basis. This will optimize your business as the year evolves and progresses.

    All meetings are strictly private & 100% confidential.

    Email me with any questions and for additional details.