Partnering with Influencers to Eradicate Gender-based Violence.

Afterall, it is 2024.

Without a doubt, the world will function better when sexual misconduct is eradicated. Sexual misconduct prevents people of all genders from fully participating in society and doing what they came to earth to accomplish.

We need the voice of all people if we are to solve society’s numerous problems and we are missing the voice of many citizens.

We don’t talk about this enough… It’s time to face the staggering facts and taboo conversations and to be vulnerable, or things aren’t going to change.

and things can change. we are smart and creative and have all the resources we need.

  1. The people united can never be defeated and Many Hands Make Light Work are two guiding principles. 

if we can think it, then its possible.

What do you need to create the impact you want in this world? how do you find and change your bind spots?

how is it possible that even after #MeToo, 2.5 years ago, sexual misconduct is still rampant.

Or, are you interested in being part of a collaboration of legislators, activists, lawyers, DA’s, survivors and others, a coalition to be reckoned with, a cohesive group that will find the tipping point and put Sexual Misconduct on the National Agenda?

  1. We begin by asking the most important question you can ask yourself: What do you want? And what is your WHY? And then we deal with what’s not working. IMPORTANT: If you don’t do this, your life will be the same next month and next year. So, what do you want in life that you think you can’t have?
  2. We then kickstart your reboot with a Values Assessment. We look at stress levels and how you manage what’s missing from your life. Please ask yourself, How long are you going to tolerate what’s not working?
  3. We’ll analyze and close any gaps in how your practice/office is structured so that it’s productive & profitable with proper staffing, an office that runs without you so you can do your lawyerly work and not get bogged down in things others should be doing to support you.
  4. You’ll get access to my exclusive program for attorneys who want to make the world a better place, Gain 3+ Hours of uninterrupted time in your day. This fabulous and powerful program is designed specifically for lawyers. You can use that newly found time to think and crank out your work. Would you like to start feeling productive again while increasing your profitability?
  5. At this point, your impact in your law work will be starting to match your vision. We’ll get even more strategic, now that you have a solid foundation and define your KPI’s. It’s time to be highly productive, not highly busy.
  6. If there is any backlog at the office, I’ll show you how to feel inspired to tackle whatever you’ve been putting off.
  7. I’ll also share the best method on how to find clarity when making tough decisions. These decisions will be long lasting because they’re based on your own values. You’ll start living a life based on your expectations, not societies and other people’s.
  8. Endless work weeks will stop. We’ll ensure that your briefcase stays at the office most of the time. You’ll gain free time to do what is meaningful in your life, before you retire: Family dinners, date night, hitting the gym… what is missing in your life? (It’s not more time surfing your phone or Netflix.)