The goal is to get Sexual Misconduct on the National Agenda by building an unstoppable coalition of the top players to be reckoned with. 

Top Priorities: distribute the How to Eradicate Sexual Misconduct 2021 National Report, build a strategy to drive change at the federal level, train citizens on using affirmative consent conversations as a household skill, mandate anti-bias training, and pass legislation to replace archaic laws. Do you share this vision?

What do you need to create the impact you want in this world?

Our future

I’m in this to change the fabric of society in our lifetime, for society to be fair and just to all people who experience sexual misconduct because things are changing, but the laws are not changing fast enough.

Stand with me for a world where sexual misconduct is a thing of the past.

I believe it’s high time to harness all of the energy and all of the initiatives out there working to stop sexual misconduct. (No more silos.)

At this rate, our grandchildren's children won't see an end to sexual misconduct.

We don’t talk about this enough… It’s time to face the staggering facts and taboo conversations, or things aren’t going to change.

  • What’s at the crux of eradicating sexual misconduct?
  • Be part of building the foundation needed to create the tipping point.
  • Even with #MeToo, why is sexual misconduct still rampant in this day and age?

I am in the process of figuring out how to be the best resource for thought leaders and policymakers (and others) in this movement.

I’m deeply curious about your challenges & I want you to know that this expert coalition of the top players will harness all the initiatives out there and expedite the changes we need.

As a survivor, I'll be distributing the How to Eradicate Sexual Misconduct 2021 National Report to get sexual misconduct on the National Agenda by building a coalition to be reckoned with.

I am interviewing anyone in the field who is working to eradicate sexual misconduct.

All participants will receive findings form the report.

I am interested in your expertise & your thoughts. If you want to brainstorm or be a player in this coalition, or if you know someone I should be talking with, please click on the link below and let me know.

Do you have an opinion... because your opinion matters.

What do you think the crux of the problem revolves around:

  • Teaching what consent is and what it is not, and passing consent laws like CA and NYC have?
  • Mandating police departments collaborate with DAs by bringing these crimes to the DA for prosecution, 100% of the time?
  • Mandating that DA offices create Sexual Assault Units, different from Child Abuse Units, Domestic Violence Units, or thrown into the general Felony Crime Units as what is typically done? 
  • Creating a consortium to share resources, ideas, skills, contacts — to be a national cohesive force to be reckoned with?
  • Ensuring that all rape kits are tested?
  • Conducting a national PSA campaign to change the beliefs that rape is primarily falsely reported?
  • Mandating that anyone in this field (Judges, DA’s, police departments, etc.) actively participate in yearly anti-bias training?
  • Creating a national PSA campaign regarding actual rape and harassment statistics to raise awareness of this epidemic?
  • Mandate that all accused rapists submit DNA into the national database as rapes are typically serial offenses without witnesses and allow this as evidence in future accusations?
  • Something else?

Without a doubt, the world will function better when sexual misconduct is eradicated. Sexual misconduct prevents people of all genders from fully participating in society and doing what they came to earth to accomplish.

We need the voice of all people if we are to solve society’s numerous problems and we are missing the voice of many citizens.

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