Partnering with Influencers to Eradicate Gender-based Violence.

Afterall, it is 2024.

Welcome, I’ve been partnering with socially conscious attorneys to Gain 3+ Hours (each day) of Uninterrupted Time for the past 20 years.

And then my personal story unraveled which led to my life’s work of partnering with those on a mission to eradicate sexual misconduct.

Hi, I’m Becky Castro, CPCC, PCC. I’m also busy writing the 2021 Report on The Strategy to Eradicate Sexual Misconduct; want to be featured or get your copy?

I Partner With DA's ADA's Legislators Title VII and IX Investigators Advocates Employment Lawyers  Law Students Survivors Individuals and Companies YOU!

I partner with those on a mission to end
Sexual Misconduct in our lifetime.

I believe it’s high time to harness all energy and all initiatives — and combine it into one unstoppable mighty force — to end sexual misconduct.

“Because at the rate things are going, our grandchildren’s children still won’t see an end to sexual misconduct.”

Becky Castro, CPCC, PCC

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