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The Strategy to Eradicate Sexual Misconduct 2021 National Report

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What’s the crux of the problem?

  • Teaching what affirmative consent is and what it is not, and passing consent laws like CA and NYC?
  • Mandating police departments collaborate with DAs by bringing these crimes to the DA for prosecution, 100% of the time?
  • Mandating that DA offices create Sexual Assault Units, different from Child Abuse Units, Domestic Violence Units, or thrown into the general Felony Crime Units as what is typically done? 
  • Creating a consortium to share resources, strategies, skills, contacts — to be a national cohesive force to be reckoned with?
  • Conducting a national PSA campaign to change the beliefs that rape is primarily falsely reported, it’s a woman’s fault, and that no rapist should be punished for “20 minutes of action”?
  • Mandating that anyone who touches cases in this field (Judges, DA’s, police, investigators, etc.) actively participate in yearly manditory anti-bias training?
  • Creating a national PSA campaign regarding actual rape and harassment statistics to raise awareness of this epidemic and change the inaccurate narrative?
  • Mandate that 100% of all rape kits are tested and further, that any accused rapist’s DNA be added to CODIS (the Combined DNA Index System of the FBI) – as rapes are typically serial offenses without witnesses – and allow this as evidence, 100% of the time, in future accusations?
  • Collaborate across state lines and end the silos?
  • Something else?

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