Are you a smart strategic lawyer with a vision to end sexual misconduct? Please share your brilliance; let’s get this handled. (see Strategy) 

Or, do you want to be even more impactful than you already are? (See Skyrocket)

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The Strategy to Eradicate Sexual Misconduct

If you're smart & strategic, share your insights, brilliance and expertise by critically reviewing the 5pt Manifesto and being featured in the 2021 Report. You can also get a copy of the report, hot off the press.

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How to Skyrocket your Existing Impact

You're impactful, visionary, fearless, dedicated and on a mission. But you know there's something missing... You're certain you can have even more impact than you already do. Here's how...

The 5pt Manifesto - is anything missing?

    1. Collaborate with the smartest, most strategic lawyers whose focus is to eradicate sexual misconduct; to become an unstoppable force to be reckoned with;
    2. Circulate the 2021 Report on The Strategy to Eradicate Sexual Misconduct;
    3. Train citizens to use affirmative consent conversations like any other household skill;
    4. Mandate twice-yearly, live & interactive anti-bias training for everyone who touches these cases and;
    5. Pass legislation, at the federal level to remove remaining archaic laws.

The people united can never be defeated.

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