If you don’t have time to think and crank out your work, your productivity & profitability are suffering. I can get you 3 uninterrupted hours in your day. Yep! And, I can help you do what is meaningful in your life, before you retire. I Love Monday Mornings is more than career satisfaction, it is about doing your life’s work.

services offered to progressives, activists & visionaries:

Snapshot of client results:

  1. We’ll analyze and close any gaps in how your practice/office is structured, so that 1) it is efficient & profitable with proper staffing that runs without you. 2) you can use that newly found time to think and crank out your work. 
  2. You’ll get access to my program, Gain 3 Hours, of uninterrupted time in your day designed specifically for lawyers. Your impact in the world will match your vision. We’ll define your KPI’s; I’ll show you how to feel inspired (about whatever you’re putting off), and I’ll share the best method on how to find clarity when making tough decisions. These decisions will last because they’re based on your own values. You’ll live a life based on your expectations, not societies and other people’s.
  3. Endless work weeks will end. We’ll ensure that your briefcase stays in the office most of the time. You’ll gain free time to do what is meaningful in your life, before you retire.
  4. I’m not a paralegal but I’ve done my homework; brainstorming together will give you an outside perspective(s) and new ways to address challenges. I am pretty well versed in many of the laws and high profile cases regarding sexual assault and sexual harassment, and running strategic businesses is a no-brainer for me. 
  5. Optional: Be part of a community of progressives, activists, or visionaries who are collaborating together to find the tipping point to create change faster with regards to sexual misconduct. (See ‘Our Future.’

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