Of course you’re highly schooled as an awesome lawyer. But did anyone hand over the business stuff you weren’t taught in law school – to become a successful business person? 


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KPIs + Strategy = Success

If you don't know where you're going, you're likely to end up somewhere else. Every business needs a regular audit and measurable KPIs to keep it on track. Walk away with a plan plus a life; a plan based on your core values. Write this down: What gets Measured gets Done.

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Gain 3+ hours in your day

What would it feel like to have a chunk of uninterrupted time where you could focus, think, and crank out your work; where your phone stopped ringing, and your cell phone wasn't pinging you every 2 seconds? Get easily implementable skills no one ever told you about.

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Be a Badass in the Courtroom

Wanna walk in there like you own that courtroom? Wanna feel like you've been prosecuting cases for years or up your game if something is missing (even after all these years but you can't tell anyone that)? Wanna speak with conviction, passion, and power?

I’ve worked with lawyers for nearly two decades so I get how tough your job is…  Want to chat about how to make it manageable? Dare I say, enjoyable? 

–Want to increase your book of business? (Easily, using your own style?)

–Sick of your productivity dragging while facing minimal profitability? (This is what you get for all of your long hours and dedication?)

–Want to own the courtroom? (With oozing confidence no matter your experience?)

–Want to Gain 3+ hours of uninterrupted time to think and work each day? (I’m serious.)

–Feeling burdened by the stressful nature of this field? (Images you can’t get out of your head?)

–Bombarded by out of control emails & text msgs? (I used to be too.)

–Tired of not having a family or dating life? (Wanna get out of the office before 6pm?)

–Want your office to run without you? (Got Proper Staffing?)

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Here's how I've helped other lawyers have a life before retirement

I’ll help you be the type of lawyer that makes your heart sing and your home life thrive. I offer breakthrough transformations so you can stop wishing you had picked a different profession & so you can realize your vision of how the world can be more fair and just. It is my deepest desire for you to have the impact that you want and expect of yourself in this world. 

Message me (760-419-8188) if you’re not sure if I’ve helped someone with your concerns; I’ll share a relevant testimonial describing what a fellow lawyer accomplished, or refer you to someone else. 

I again consulted with Becky because I felt “Panicked” in the present economy that my (law) practice would dry up despite that fact that business was still good for me. Becky again posed provocative questions, questions that caused me to make choices based on my own values, not outside expectations.
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I invite you to look at eradicating sexual misconduct if you want to make an even bigger difference in our society, but you don’t have enough time or energy due to your day-to-day obligations.

You ALREADY KNOW THAT YOUR life is MORE THAN CAREER SATISFACTION AND BUSINESS SUCCESS ~~~ IT’S ABOUT DOING YOUR LIFE’S WORK ~~~ It’s about having the impact you are meant to have in this world.,

I’m on a mission for fairness and justice. It would be wonderful for you to examine the 5pt Manifesto, have your insights included in the 2021 Report, The Strategy to Eradicate Sexual Misconduct, or get a copy of the findings. Do you know the concept, Be. More. You.? That’s the ticket to having the increased impact you want in this world. Check out my offerings around Skyrocketing Impact and Eradicating Sexual Misconduct