I know you’re highly schooled as an awesome lawyer, but did anyone teach you how to be an awesome business-person? Want to learn the stuff they didn’t teach you in law school? 

I’ve worked with lawyers for nearly two decades so I get how tough your job is…  Want to chat about how to make it manageable? Even, enjoyable? 

–Want your office to run without you? (Got Proper Staffing?)

–Want to own the courtroom? (With oozing confidence no matter your experience?)

–Want to Gain 3+ hours of uninterrupted time to think and work each day? (I’m serious.)

–Sick of your productivity dragging while facing minimal profitability? (This is what you get for all of your long hours and dedication?)

–Feeling burdened by the stressful nature of this field? (Images you can’t get out of your head?)

–Bombarded by out of control emails & text msgs? (I used to be too.)

–Tired of not having a family or dating life? (Wanna get out of the office before 6pm?)

Here are some ways I have helped clients' lives:

It’s hard to lump what I offer my clients into one category. From productivity and profitability strategies to owning the courtroom and changing unjust laws — I can do all that — but I also offer something much deeper.

I’ll help you be the type of lawyer that makes your heart sing and your home life thrive. I offer breakthrough transformations so you can stop wishing you had picked a different profession & so you can realize your vision of how the world can be more fair and just.

Message me if you’re not sure if I’ve helped someone with your concerns; I’ll share a relevant testimonial describing what a fellow lawyer accomplished, or refer you to someone else.

Here’s some of what we can do, but what I offer is 100% custom to what you want:

  1. We begin by asking the most important question you can ask yourself: What do you want? And what is your WHY? And then we deal with what’s not working. IMPORTANT: If you don’t do this, your life will be the same next month and next year. So, what do you want in life that you think you can’t have?
  2. We then kickstart your reboot with a Values Assessment. We look at stress levels and how you manage what’s missing from your life. Please ask yourself, How long are you going to tolerate what’s not working?
  3. We’ll analyze and close any gaps in how your practice/office is structured so that it’s productive & profitable with proper staffing, an office that runs without you so you can do your lawyerly work and not get bogged down in things others should be doing to support you.
  4. You’ll get access to my exclusive program for attorneys who want to make the world a better place, Gain 3+ Hours, of uninterrupted time in your day. This fabulous and powerful program is designed specifically for lawyers. You can use that newly found time to think and crank out your work. Would you like to start feeling productive again while increasing your profitability?
  5. At this point, your impact in your law work will be starting to match your vision. We’ll get even more strategic, now that you have a solid foundation and define your KPI’s. It’s time to be highly productive, not highly busy.
  6. If there is any backlog at the office, I’ll show you how to feel inspired to tackle whatever you’ve been putting off. 
  7. I’ll also share the best method on how to find clarity when making tough decisions. These decisions will be long lasting because they’re based on your own values. You’ll start living a life based on your expectations, not societies and other people’s.
  8. Endless work weeks will stop. We’ll ensure that your briefcase stays at the office most of the time. You’ll gain free time to do what is meaningful in your life, before you retire: Family dinners, date night, hitting the gym… what is missing in your life? (It’s not more time surfing your phone or Netflix.)
  9. I’m not a paralegal but I’ve done my homework; brainstorming together will give you out of the box perspectives and new ways to address challenges. I am pretty well versed in many of the laws and high profile cases regarding sexual assault and sexual harassment, and running strategic businesses is a no-brainer for me.
  10. I am trained as a certified business coach with 33 years of experience; I freely share my experiences so you can avoid the same mistakes I’ve made as we strategically plan to exceed your goals, at your own pacing.

19 YRS

of experience working with lawyers

27 YRS

old when i started my first business

44 YRS

of me sharing & daring myself to
be. more. me.

If you have been working in this field forever and you’re still wanting to make a difference in the world, but you don’t have enough time due to your day-to-day obligations, I invite you to look at my other service, eradicating sexual misconduct. 


Are you interested in sharing your opinion on what’s needed to eradicate sexual misconduct?  We need your expertise.

Or, are you interested in being part of a collaboration of legislators, activists, lawyers, DA’s, survivors and others, a coalition to be reckoned with, a cohesive group that will find the tipping point and put Sexual Misconduct on the National Agenda?